The Archives

Coming from key figures in the Ontario oil and gas industry, the Brittain collection contains around 10,000 pages of documents (business files, correspondence, diagrams, photographs, well files, and more) and more than 400 historical maps.

The Brittain Archives: Digitization, Spatial Referencing & Preservation project was made possible through the Library and Archives Canada's Documentary Heritage Communities Program (DHCP) and the generous donation of the collection from the Fairbank Oil Company (Charlie Fairbank).


The project’s goal is to preserve knowledge and historical documents relating to Ontario’s oil and gas industry and provide digital public access to these documents. Such preservation and accessibility will increase public awareness and knowledge of the subject, as well as contributing to the knowledge base held by the OGSR Library.

Who is OGSR Library?

The Oil, Gas & Salt Resources Library is a not-for-profit resource centre formed in 1998 for the study of the subsurface geology, petroleum, salt and underground hydrocarbon storage resources of Ontario. We are also dedicated to the perservation and digitization of historic artifacts releated to the geology and natural resources & mining industry.